Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happening more often?

There seems to be a rash of these mentally imbalanced persons lately.  I suppose somebody will also make assumptions based on his name,  Ali Syed, which may or may not turn out to be valid. Interesting that this one used a shot gun. In 2011, according to the FBI, more shotguns were used than rifles in California homicides. Probably should be next on the list for California to ban.  I don't suppose that the rabid, sensationalizing, reporting by the news media has anything to do with these occurrences   


  1. I wonder if Ali Syed is done? Get it, all said and done?
    I wonder if there are more crazy people with guns or just more reporting of crazy people with guns?
    Would Ali Syed have been national news if our dear leader had not picked guns to focus on rather than the real danger of economic collapse?
    If people are quoting statistics correctly way more people die from baseball bats, knives and hands than guns.
    But if every gun death is reported then it sounds like we have an epidemic of gun violence. Which is not so say that perhaps we are way too violent a society but that is another topic.
    It is all about control.
    Change means control, money and influence are gain through being on the right side of change. That is the one way to make money when you don't actually create anything.

    1. The problem is that the statistics aren't being quoted correctly. Way more firearms (pistols mostly) are used than blunt objects. Rifles and shotguns are a small percent, and "scary assault" rifles are a fraction of that. However, those are what they want to regulate. It would be an impossibility to currently regulate the multitude of hand guns the public holds, and far easier to pick a scary looking rifle to focus on for starters.
      It is an attempt to begin a greater amount of regulation. Logic is not involved here. These are the folks that mandated the addition of ethanol in our gas.