Sunday, February 10, 2013

Unclear on the Concept

Mauritania's tourism sector has failed to rebound 
Go figure!

And this one just seems like a good way to spend all the surplus money we are burdened with. The world surely needs more camel milk!

The Official Travel Guide of the Maldives
" The United States has sought to support Maldives’ ongoing democratic initiatives and economic development agenda Google the above, it belongs to a US Gov. site I won't link to, although I am probably already on a list somewhere.

  "Voted in December as vice-presidents of the United Nations Human Rights Council for 2013 were the nations of Mauritania and Maldives, both of which permit the death penalty for renouncing Islam. In Mauritania, a person so charged has three days to repent for a lesser sentence. (An August 2012 dispatch in London's The Guardian reported widespread acceptance of slavery conditions in Mauritania affecting as many as 800,000 of the 3.5 million population. Said one abolitionist leader, "Today we have the slavery [that] American plantation owners dreamed of [in that the slaves] believe their condition is necessary to get to paradise.")
[Reuters via Yahoo News, 12-10-2012; The Guardian, 8-14-2012]"
From our good friend Chuck Shepherd:


  1. And we think we have it bad here in the former USA.

  2. I don't know if I like the idea of my tax money supporting the camel milkers. So did the grant buy them more slaves, or mechanical milking machines? One guess.