Thursday, February 28, 2013

The elk are still hanging around (and some birds)

Theresa took the dog and the camera for a walk today about 3pm. I was too tired after the gym. Although it may have been the full day of fruit tree pruning yesterday. My insurance co. was kind enough to buy me a membership to the gym. Once I reached 65, they must have figured it will cost them less in the long run. My premium is $53./mo and the membership would have cost $50/mo, so I am doing ok. 

These were just past the second dam.

I got a different count three times so I numbered them in Photoshop.
This time I counted 54 in the picture,
 not counting the two nice bulls and a cow or two that were out of the picture and up in the brush.

There were Mallards in the North pond



That left pretty abruptly

Some blue birds which hopefully will move into some of the houses we just put up.

A bufflehead or two.

And a hooded merganser in the second pond

Daisy was happy afterwards and continued to try to eat one of her Christmas toys.
Another average day. Life is good!

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