Friday, March 8, 2013

3-D printing

My Lovely wife & Daisy the pound hound

If I had a 3-D scanner and a 3-D printer I could make a mirror image of the Mercedes driver’s side rear view mirror so I could have one for the right side. They are very rare for a 1972 200D, for some reason they didn't usually come with one..
Then I could make a mold, and cast an aluminum copy & get it chromed. The problem is that it would cost four times what the car is worth.
Still........That kind of thing never stopped me before.
I could make garden gnomes except that I like them about as much as I like seeing clowns in my yard. 


  1. Why don't you?
    People could send you their item that needs duplication and you send them back a copy in plastic. Or have it cast for them. You could charge for it.
    Of course then you would have to interact with annoying people.
    yeah, scratch that idea...

    1. You are right. I'll let you handle that part of the business.

    2. Of course then you'd have to interact with me. We would probably both be annoying.

  2. Nothing on that side because whatever was behind a 200D on the autobahn in 1972 was pretty much irrelevant?
    Maybe Budd E has a spare right fender Studebaker mirror.

    1. I wish, but D stands for Diesel.
      But it wouldn't be symmetrical...