Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bird houses and owls

Through a friendly neighbor, we had the good fortune to meet a gentleman with a one man lumber mill that likes to make bird houses. He gifted us 34 assorted houses made of everything from oak to black walnut. They should last a long time.
Lots of blue bird houses, a couple for barn owls (they were heavy!), two for kestrels, swallows, nut hatches and a wood duck house (also very heavy).

While checking the game cameras we saw this little guy in one of the Kestrel houses. I believe that it is a Western Screech Owl.
No Spotted owls have been (or will be) spotted!
It would be nice if we had pygmy owls, but we are too far North.

Elf owl
Or  Elf owls, They are really cute.


  1. Do you think the person who built you this Owl house - would be interested in making another for sale? I love the look of it!

    1. I will ask, but they are very heavy and would be costly to ship. Those are 1"+ boards. I can send dimensions & close-ups & they wouldn't be too hard to build.

  2. Truly beautiful house- I'm going to be making one, which is what brought me to your site, but they won't be this beautiful. Awesome!

  3. Sure it will! Just pick up a rough cut board. It's all straight cuts. These weather out to a nice grey color in about a year.