Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Mnozil Brass septet

The expression of bored indifference is great!

If you are impatient, just forward 1/2 way to about the three minute spot.

Mnozil Brass is an Austrian brass septet. They play classical, jazz and other styles of music using traditional brass instruments and more unusual instruments such as the keyed trumpet and Wagner tuba. Music is presented with a typical Austrian style of humor  which can be approximately characterized as "jet black" and "here and there" absurd. Elements of slapstick exist next to virtuoso brass playing. Austrian and German schlager songs of the 20th century are often caricatured. All founding members were graduates of the renowned Vienna College of Music, who met while playing at the Mnozil pub in Vienna's first inner city district. The band was founded in 1992.

For your pleasure, the William Tell Overture

Lots more on Utube!

But I have to add this for collieguy:


  1. Just the thing while I sit here going over last year's numbers and preparing to meet with an accountant who gets ever crankier as April 15 approaches.

    1. I added one more number. This should be a real help for you!