Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Grandparents homestead in Swan Lake, Klamath Falls, is for sale

A view the location in Google Earth:

This is the largest tree! 
The property, 154.24 acres, is one of the few tracts left in the area that has un-logged timber.
A timber cruise was done, and  there are 767.370 MBF 12" to 39"  and 924,320 MBF 6" to 11" 
 (The old growth tree in the photo above was not included in the cruise). Prices are much higher now, and the trees will keep getting larger. A 80% cut will still leave enough timber to be attractive, not require replanting legally, and in the end, pay for the property in a pinch.
I would hate to see any of the trees cut at all, but this is an asset that I feel I should mention. 

And the house my Grandfather built:
There are no utilities and never were. There is a well, and power lines could be run in from Swan Lake Road. There is an outhouse that is still usable until indoor plumbing is added. The house is of unconventional layout. My Grandfather built it himself, and leveled the hillside with a shovel and wheelbarrow. The roof has new asphalt shingles, but they were laid over the old shingles and probably should be replaced. The house needs work, but IMHO is structurally sound and could be brought up to date.
As-Is, this would be ideal for someone that wishes to live "off the grid"
The small chimney to the left of the Kitchen chimney, is for a wood or fuel oil heater.

This chimney is for the kitchen wood stove. We still have the stove, but it has been removed for the time being. It is a nice one, and fully functional. In my mind, I can still smell the bread my Grandmother used to bake in it.

This chimney is for the living room fireplace.

Out building for firewood storage, garage, and guest room above. 
This is also where the well is.


  1. Oh how I wish...I'd move in tomorrow if only I could get my wife to leave. Beautiful. I'd leave the timber.

    1. Florida gets awfully hot and humid this time of year. Well, just about any time of year.. :-)

  2. Looks like some nice country. Sure don't see trees that big up this way.

  3. Oh, my gosh! My parents were very good friends of your grandparents! We spent many holidays together in this wonderful home!