Monday, March 25, 2013

About time! Something positive from CNN on the AR-15

The Company behind it all: : HogSwat!                          

 A video about Hogswat from CNN:    AR-15s to protect crops from hogs
If you haven't seen the damage these pigs can cause the video is a must-see.  I have seen places in Florida in the woods where it looked like someone had brought in a tractor and plowed up the area. These animals are moving North, and have made inroads into Oregon already. Lets all work to eliminate them. 


  1. Is there no hunting season on these animals? I would think they should be pretty good eating. I couldn't watch the vide, some annoying music ad came up and scared me off. But I have heard what devastation the wild hogs cause to crops.

  2. There are some videos on the Hogswat link w/o the ads. I thought the CNN video was worth watching & just hit the mute button. It was pretty well done. Normally I refuse to watch anything preceded with an ad. No hunting season & good eating. Bacon is bacon, especially when they are eating your corn.